Affected Street Closure Date Estimated Open Work Performed By Type of Work Description of Closure
2nd St 10/17/2017 10/20/2017 Tri-City Electric Electrical Service Alley behind 321 East 2nd St closed from Pershing to Iowa St.
3rd St 10/18/2017 10/20/2017 Visu-Sewer Sewer Cleaning & Lining East 3rd St lane reduction from LeClaire St to River Dr.
4th St 09/27/2017 11/27/2017 Otto Baum Construction at Federal Building E 4th St curb lane in front of the Federal Building closed from Perry St to Brady St.
4th St 10/17/2017 10/20/2017 Visu-Sewer Sewer Cleaning & Lining West 4th St lane reduction from Washington St to Sturdevant St.
53rd St 10/01/2017 10/23/2017 Baker Concrete Install Turn Lanes East 53rd St westbound curb lane closed at Spring St. Spring St accessible via Eastern Av to 54th St to Spring St.
Birchwood Av 10/11/2017 10/27/2017 City of Davenport Railroad and Street Repairs Birchwood Av closed from Blackhawk to McKinley Av.
Bridge Av 09/12/2017 10/27/2017 Hawkeye Paving Sewer Repairs and Street Patching Bridge Ave closed from 12th St to Kirkwood Blvd.
Bridge Av 10/29/2017 11/11/2017 Hawkeye Paving Finish Work Bridge Av from 12th St to Kirkwood Blvd. Finish work such as sidewalks, raising manholes and valve boxes will be completed following the re-opening. Intermittent lane reductions requiring alternating through traffic should be expected during this time. Motorists are advised delays may occur once re-opened. All finish work should be complete by Saturday, November 11th.
E 29th St 09/22/2017 11/22/2017 City of Davenport Pavement Improvements E 29th St closed between Eastern and Bridge.
Kimberly & Division 08/01/2017 10/28/2017 Valley Construction Street Widening Stage 3 complete 10/28/17 - Head to head travel in the two west southbound lanes of Division between 38th & 40th Streets.
Kimberly & Division 08/01/2017 10/31/2017 Valley Construction Street Widening Division St two east lanes remain closed with the north/south traffic head to head in the two west lanes. Kimberly Rd one lane closed in each direction.
Kimberly Rd 09/17/2017 11/22/2017 Valley Construction Concrete Patching & Resurfacing Kimberly Rd periodic lane closures during the hours of 8pm - 6am from Elmore Av to Utica Ridge Rd.
Marquette ST 09/25/2017 09/27/2017 Langman Construction Street Patching Marquette St head to head traffic in the northbound lanes from 56th to 57th Sts.
Meadowbrook Rd 10/04/2017 10/27/2017 City of Davenport Full Depth Repair Meadowbrook Rd lane reduction from Belle Av to Winding Hill Rd.
Northbrook Dr 09/29/2017 10/20/2017 City of Davenport Full Depth Patching Northbrook Dr lane reduction at Northbrook Ct.
Rockingham Rd 05/30/2017 11/03/2017 Langman Construction Reconstruction & Resurfacing Rockingham Rd closed to all traffic between Elmwood and Lincoln for full street reconstruction along with on-going storm sewer installation.
Veterans Memorial 08/07/2017 09/30/2018 Valley Construction Extend Roadway Extend Veterans Memorial Parkway between Elmore and Jersey Ridge Rd.